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Pacific Silvercloth Jewelry Travel/Storage Bags

SilverGuard offers a variety of unique, duo-purpose Jewelry Travel and Storage Bags for storing sterling silver jewelry. All of our Jewelry Bags are lined with authentic Pacific Silvercloth®, the exclusive material that is embedded with thousands of particles of silver. These particles absorb tarnish-producing gases, keeping your sterling silver jewelry articles clean and shining between uses. And as Pacific Silvercloth is a soft, flannel-like cotton, it also protects your gold, brass, titanium, and any other precious metal, as well as precious and semi-precious gems like diamonds, turquoise, and pearls from dust and scratches.

Currently we offer four styles of Pacific Silvercloth Jewelry Travel Bags, each handcrafted and available with an assortment of different fine woven tapestry or polished chintz fabrics for the outer cover. These jewelry cases make a unique, useful gift and the variety of outer fabrics make it possible to suit various tastes. Click on the images below to learn more about the various styles currently available.
4-Zipper Jewelry Travel Case
Jewelry Travel Bag
4-Zipper Design

Pacific Silvercloth Flapped Jewelry Pouches
In addition to our four main styles of Jewelry Travel Bags, we also offer Pacific Silvercloth Flapped Jewelry Pouches for individual silver jewelry pieces such as earring sets, silver charms, rings, bracelets, bead necklaces; as well as pouches for southwestern-style silver pieces such as squash blossom necklaces, bolo ties, belt buckles, and concho belts. These pouches offer simple and affordable tarnish-prevention for those with only a few silver articles to protect.

**Please note that the colors of the fabrics may differ slightly due to varying monitors, color depth settings, resolutions, etc. In addition, since product images were taken over a few days, images of jewelry bags that use the same outer fabrics may also vary in color ever so slightly.