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Pacific Silvercloth By-the-Yard

Pacific Silvercloth tarnish-preventing fabric

Pacific Silvercloth Fabric By-The-Yard

The Exclusive Tarnish Preventing Silver Cloth

Pacific Silvercloth® is the exclusive, tarnish-preventing fabric that keeps both fine sterling silver and silver-plated articles clean, bright and shining between uses... without the endless cleaning and polishing!

The reason? Pacific Silvercloth is the only fabric on the market that has thousands of fine silver particles embedded in rich, brown Pacific Silvercloth® absorb tarnish producing gases before they reach the silver. Your sterling silver and silver-plate retains its brilliant luster, saves you polishing. Pacific Silvercloth® is ideal for lining any drawer, cupboard, or cabinet that is used to store expensive sterling silver flatware, tableware or holloware; or to line the interior of a jewelry box, jewelry case, or chest.  Pacific Silvercloth® also protects against dust and scratches and is safe to use with gold, brass, diamonds, and all other precious metals and gems.

Authentic Pacific Silvercloth® is 38" wide and is always brown as the silver embedded in the fabric will tarnish slightly, causing the fabric to change to various hues of brown over the years.  It is a true tarnish-preventative and lasts indefinitely; other fabrics (which measure about 58" wide) are considered 'tarnish-resistant' and need to be replaced in as little as five or ten years.  Pacific Silvercloth has been around for over 120 years, and we regularly hear from customers with zippered bags or flatware rolls made of Pacific Silvercloth handed down several generations which are still keeping their silver tarnish-free! 

Pacific Silvercloth is only $22.95 a yard and you can order as little as a single yard.  Included with each order is a free informative brochure with lots of valuable ideas and uses for Pacific Silvercloth®.  Stop polishing your fine silver, with Pacific Silvercloth by-the-yard!

How to order Pacific Silvercloth:

If desired, you can order numerous cuts of Pacific Silvercloth® fabric. For instance, if you want 2-yards of silver cloth for yourself and 1-yard of silver cloth as a gift, simply add one 2-yard piece and one 1-yard piece to your cart. Your shopping cart will reflect both entries and your order will be cut/filled to reflect those quantities (with the exception of the scenario described two paragraphs below), with each receiving the free brochure.

For personal projects, keep in mind that you will have less waste and get more use of your fabric if you order one long piece rather than shorter individual pieces, e.g., one 3-yard piece vs. three 1-yard pieces.

For large or commercial projects that require more than 15 yards of silver cloth (lining an entire pantry or closet), select 'Pacific Silvercloth Fabric Longer Cuts' at the bottom of the listing. There we offer large, continuous cuts of silver cloth ranging from 1 to 50 yards (FYI: we cut off 100 yd rolls).  If you need an amount that is not listed, e.g. 57 yards, add both a 50 yard cut and a 7 yard cut to your Shopping Cart; then add a note to indicate you want a continuous 57 yard cut in the 'Order Notes' field on the Shopping Cart Screen.

Pacific Silvercloth fabric is made in the USA.
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