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Custom Flatware Drawer Inserts with Pacific Silvercloth

We are now accepting orders for custom-sized drawer inserts made to your specifications. SilverGuard Drawer Inserts are custom crafted to fit both your drawer and flatware pattern, and are lined completely with authentic Pacific Silvercloth. Both standard and "European-style" configurations will be available and bridges are crafted with your choice of woods (cherry, maple, red oak, mahogany, alder, etc.) and stains to match your drawers. The flap that covers the flatware will also be available coming from the back or front of the insert, or from the sides (depending on your drawer depth, overall size, and personal preference).

For more information about our Custom Drawer Inserts or to request a quote, please email Patrick at patrick@silverguard.com. We periodically receive images of our Drawer Inserts in use by our happy customers that we post on our Facebook page here. We love to be liked!

European Style with cherry wood and flap coming off the back

European Style with cherry wood and flap coming from the sides

Bridges are stained and varnished to match the kitchen cabinets

Standard "American" Style with cherry wood and flap coming off the back

Standard "American" Style custom fit for drawer

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